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The prospect of putting a loved one in an assisted living facility or a nursing home is one of the most harrowing decisions someone can face. You want your loved one to get the care they need, but it seems the options are all-too-often limited to large institutions or insufficient care at home. HELEN'S HOUSE® Long-Term Care Households are a much needed and innovative alternative to such institutional placement for seniors. A quality of life approach, each HELEN'S HOUSE® Long-Term Care Household enables its four seniors to age with dignity and respect in the communities they've known for their entire lives and in the familiarity and comfort of an actual home.

Because each HELEN'S HOUSE® Long-Term Care Household has only four residents and keeps a caregiver in the home at all times under the supervision of our Director of Care, a Registered Nurse with 22 years of relevant nursing experience, the care ratio is 1:4, in a custom-built 4-bedroom home, which is far better than the average nursing home. Our caregivers are deeply engaged in our residents' day-to-day living, giving us the insight needed to tailor personal care to their changing needs. Our Director of Care is your loved one's personal nurse. She will know your mom intimately, communicate with you, coordinate with physicians, and advocate for her best interests at all times.

Not only can we provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living, we are also able to meet the needs of residents who require:

  • Ostomy care
  • Catheter care
  • Wound care
  • Medication administration
  • Diabetic care
  • Pureed food and/or thickened liquids
  • Others based on individualized needs and assessment

Because we have only four residents and a 1:4 care ratio, we are able to customize activities to the needs and desires of our residents. These are some of the activities provided throughout the week, customized to the needs of the residents:

  • Range of motion exercises
  • Dementia-centered care and activities
  • Customized, resident-centered activities to stimulate both mind and body
  • Resident-created meal plans

We are capable of utilizing mechanical lifts and other adaptive devices for residents who are non-ambulatory.

HELEN'S HOUSE® Long-Term Care Households are strategically designed to allow residents to age in place. From personal care up to and including skilled and hospice services, the environment is designed to enable our four residents to receive the care they need in the community. Our residents will not have to move to a nursing home as their level of assistance rises; rather, the necessary supportive services can be coordinated and brought in to enable residents to remain at HELEN'S HOUSE® and to age in place.

If you'd like to learn about how HELEN'S HOUSE® Long-Term Care Households can benefit a loved one, please call us at 920-851-2345.


HELEN'S HOUSE® Long-Term Care Households are an innovative residential alternative to large nursing home and assisted living facilities that are designed to provide dignity, hope, and meaning to the four seniors that live here. If you'd like to learn about how HELEN'S HOUSE® Long-Term Care Households can benefit a loved one, please call us at 920-851-2345.

What Our Residents and Their Families Say.

  • I've lived at HELEN'S HOUSE for 1 1/2 years. I moved from a larger facility where I lived for 6 years. HELEN'S HOUSE is so much better for me. Because there are only 4 residents the response time is so much faster. The caregivers can also spend much more time with you. The larger facilities are fine if you can walk, but not good at all if you are wheelchair bound. Thank goodness for HELEN'S HOUSE!

    By : M. F., resident

  • Thank you so much for the great care that Mom is receiving. Just yesterday we had Mom at her great granddaughter and great grandson's birthday party and she was telling everyone what a wonderful place she lives at and how caring and helpful everyone is. Mom was recommending HELEN'S HOUSE to everyone there:)

    By : G. G., daughter of resident

  • My 94-year-old aunt has made tremendous progress during the past two years as a resident at Helen’s House. The close interaction between my aunt and her caregivers at Helen’s House has positively impacted my aunt both socially and physically. Recuperating from hip surgery was not an easy piece for my aunt, but her living situation at Helen’s House has made her life cherished and meaningful. Thanks for making this living situation possible.

    By : K. T., niece of resident

  • Our Mother was at Helen’s House for a year and a half. During her stay, Mom enjoyed the home-like atmosphere and the wonderful care she was given by all the staff.

    We highly recommend Helen’s House for the care of your loved ones.

    By : P. P. and G. G., daughters of resident

  • The mission and vision of Helen’s House are manifest in the attention and devotion to true caring for your residents. Helen’s House is unique in elder care.

    By : S. W., son of resident

  • What a blessing it is to have Helen’s House. Finally we have Mom in a caring, more personal, home setting under the eyes of wonderful staff. We give it 5 stars and more!

    By : D. W., son of resident

  • The individual care given to my mother and others in this Home, not a facility, is a blessing. What more could a family ask for, then come into a home, share meals, trips, fun times and all so with a personal touch. I just wish everyone could experience this first hand.

    Thank you Christopher and the caregivers.

    By : P. W., son of resident

  • My mother has been with Helen’s House for the past year. Prior to HELEN'S HOUSE she was in a nursing home for about a 1 1/2 years. I find that HELEN'S HOUSE is a more “homey” environment. I know that she is being taken well care of. The staff is wonderful with her. They take the time to really know and care about their residents. I enjoy getting to know the employees as well as the other residents. I am thankful everyday that my mom has a place like this to call home.

    By : D. D., daughter of resident

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